Purveyors of fine partner dance events since 2005.

Featuring a fusion of chilled and uplifting music for smooth jive, blues and west coast swing dancing.

FunkyLush is the dance destination for lovers of the very best in inspirational funky and lushious dance music.  Aimed at dancers from a range of styles including modern jive, smooth jive, west coast swing; all looking to be inspired, entertained, challenged and uplifted.

FunkyLush is a ‘rollicking-around-the-world in a funky time machine’ musical adventure, where the music will literally move you to dance, providing a creative, inspirational platform for you to play with, experiment with and express yourself.

At each FunkyLush dance event we craft a musical journey incorporating a lushious, diverse and eclectic mixture of funky RnB and dirty Blues, infused with a soupcon of Latin and neo-Tango and all lovingly steeped in slow-house and smooth-grooves.

A consistent theme running through all our events is the pure joy and celebration of partner dance.

Lovingly brought to you by the Jedi Knights of inspirational smooth jive music – DJ Kenobe and The Doc with a combined DJing résumé that covers ground breaking dance experiences including Jango, FunkyLush, Monday Lush, Hipsters, the Hippodrome, Southport, Lux, Camber, Breen and Skegness weekenders, Ceroc TV, Chiswick Town Hall and Derby Monster Jive Freestyles.

FunkyLush, on a mission to put the fun back into dancing!

Since 2005


Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be, but let’s give it a shot.

2004 – Jango

Described as the first time chilled, funky, luscious partner dance music was featured outside of a weekender! Jango was Tango-Jive fusion with attitude (maybe it still is –where you at Amir?). Taking the sensuality of Tango, the attitude of West Coast Swing and the freedom of Modern Jive, Jango was/is a sexy modern fusion bringing partner dance bang up to date. Jango featured a sexy, fun class with Amir, followed by a DJ Toby wan Kenobe freestyle. Sunday Jive T-dances were held monthly, all based out of the wondrously ambient Hammersmith Club at Kent House.

2005 – Monday-Lush

Early in 2005 Will (You da Man!) Hargreaves took over from Amir and Monday nights morphed into Monday Lush – Stylish and sexy moves from a range of dances including Modern Jive, Latin, Ballroom (rumba, samba, etc.), Tango, and not forgetting Will’s fabulous Strictly Come Dancing moves! Plus a truly eclectic DJ Kenobe freestyle music mix of new and classic tracks. Epic evenings followed with inspired dancing, legendary Kenobe shirts, predictable Will shirts and even some karaoke madness.

That Christmas we served up the ‘The Utterly Merry And Superlatively Seasonal Jango Christmas Party which featured the Jango team plus special guests in: ‘JANGTO’ – it’s panto as you’ve never seen it before (all together now, “Oh no you haven’t….”)

2005 – FunkyLush

It’s fabulous, it’s funkalicious, It’s FunkyLush: FunkyLush splashed down in November 2005 with Saturday night dance parties, twinned with Sunday afternoon speakeasy dances both featuring a smooth, funky, lushious lounge mix of Modern Jive and West Coast Swing. Our launch event was at the sizeable Saphire Ballroom in Southall, featuring a Jango Cabaret by Will.


Responding to popular demand a fearless FunkyLush expanded round the M25 with events at Hatfield, Ashtead and West Drayton. Our regular venue became Burnham Park Hall and by this stage FunkyLush was renowned for at least three things, fabulous music, legendary Kenobe shirts and master chef pâtissier baking!


In 2010 Burnham Park was demolished and our new home became Colston Hall in Gerrards Cross kicking off with a Valentine’s T-Dance party.


We’re now on a mission to put the fun back in to dancing and FunkyLush is back with a bang! DJ Kenobe in partnership with Dayle ‘the Doc’ providing the full FunkyLush dance experience.

T-Jive: Amir, Kenobe, Will, Doggy Barker, Sparkles, Manal, Mr & Mrs Under-par, Filthy Rich, Bill & Bex, Chris & Jane, Latin Lover & Sue, Mighty Chinster, Rythym King, the Franklins, Mary, Gorgeous Gus, Feeling Pink - who have I missed?
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